CrissCross, an interactive painting done by a remote-control car was featured in the 7th FIGMENT Project, an annual arts festival on Governors Island, New York on June 8th and 9th, 2013.

CrissCross is a blank slate which invites its participants to draw a new beginning by using the provided colors (red, green, blue, white, black) and technology (a Remote-Control toy car with a paint bucket attached to its backs) within a specific time period (until an each paint bucket is empty) and space (107 inch by 86.4 inch, white canvas placed on the ground). It is up to participant's will to decide which color to add into the paint bucket, as well as controlling where the car will leave its dripping color traces. Participants will get to keep a piece from the canvas they drew on if they please. The nature of this spatio-temporal installation is analogous to our lives and the universe, in which we amalgamate ourselves by our actions [the direction we give to the car] and express our motives and personalities [by color]. Moreover, we exist in larger context and interact with each other [three cars with three different colors intersecting] and form new dynamics [shades of colors and patterns] as long as our lives last [the paint dissipates] and the space we inhabit allow [until the white paper is fully drawn].  Once each slice of canvas is full (which will be determined by the artist), it will be replaced by a new blank one. The goal is to create a transition from a micro to a macro state of experience with each participant's contribution.