In a dystopian singular future where trees are nearly extinct and inhabitants have to pay to obtain their oxygen, a boy roots out maybe the last plant on earth.

Breathe was screened at the Lucerne International Film Festival (2014), Flickers: Rhode Island Horror Film Festival (2013), Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival (2012), and NewFilmmakers NY (2013).


A man who undergoes a plastic surgery operation to reshape his face is forced, under the influence of narcosis, to confront his past and nemesis in a purgatory-like state of mind.

Narcossist was screened at the NewFilmmakers on March 19th, 2012 in New York. You can watch an interview with Azmi Mert Erdem here.

Up in the Clouds

A boy named Cloud is born with a 'gift'; gift of blurry vision... 


A woman runs for her life; but, what is she running from?