Huldufólk consists of a series of site-specific video performances that aim to challenge the audience’s spatial perception in an installation that blurs the boundaries between dance, film and architecture. It was exhibited at the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2012 as part of the Rafmögnuð Náttúra.

Rafmögnuð Náttúra is a temporary and site-specific light installation that animates the facade of Iceland’s Hallgrímskirkja Church with a large 3d video-mapping projection. Taking inspiration from the natural conditions of Iceland and the unique architecture of the church, Marcos Zotes transformed the static condition of this iconic landmark into a dynamic, engaging and interactive visual experience. Zotes’ intention was to intervene in the city by socially activating the surrounding public space of the church.

Marcos ZotesRafmögnuð Náttúra was selected as the winner competition entry for the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2012 opening act, which was organized by Höfuðborgarstofa, Orkusalan and the Iceland Design Centre. With only three weeks to deliver his winning light installation, Marcos Zotes gathered a team of artists and designers in New York to collaborate with him in its creation. Marcos’ collaborators included Chris Jordan, Thessia Machado, Andrea Dart, Noa Younse, Steven Tsai, Coco Karol, Azmi Mert Erdem, Raghul Sridharan and Icelandic band For a Minor Reflection.

The collaboration of different media artists and a strong attitude towards a multidisciplinary approach to their artwork formed the central core for the success of Rafmögnuð Náttúra. The project provided a unique opportunity for exploring new collaborative processes for creative production, in which a team of architects, designers, visual artists, musicians, dance performers and video artists were brought together to share their particular tools, art techniques, and design methods towards a unified vision.

Concept and Art Direction: Marcos Zotes
Project Management: Marcos Zotes, Gerður Sveinsdóttir
Technical Direction: Chris Jordan
Artists: Marcos Zotes, Thessia Machado, Noa Younse, Andrea Dart, Steven Tsai, Chris Jordan
Choreography and Dance Performance: Coco Karol
Videography: Azmi Mert Erdem; Special Effects: Raghul Sridharan
Music: For a Minor Reflection.

The opening act of Vetrarhátíð í Reykjavík (Reykjavik Winter Festival) in February 2012. A unique experience of light and vision produced by complex light projections on the surface of Iceland's largest church, Hallgrimskirkja. English subtiles available. Sponsored by Orkusalan.

"Rafmögnuð Náttúra" A light installation by Marcos Zotes Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2012 "Rafmögnuð Náttúra" was conceived, directed and curated by architect Marcos Zotes and created by Marcos Zotes in collaboration with Andrea Dart, Chris Jordan, Coco Karol, Thessia Machado, Azmi Mert Erdem, Raghul Sridharan, Steven Tsai and Noa Younse.